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What began as a solo project by Adrian James – known from his work as designer and violinist of Evanescence – is gathering steam as a live act, "Das Gift" (German for "The Poison").  Lurking in the spaces between alternative, progressive and darkwave genres, the music draws comparisons with acts including the CureTool and Pink Floyd.  

Das Gift has performed as a Pink Floyd tribute band, headlining Little Rock's annual Halloween "Cover Up" events; and that well-received live set of Pink Floyd cover songs would snowball into the band's Pink Floyd tribute album.  
The band's upcoming sophomore release is an ambitious 19-track album of Pink Floyd covers, "Any Cover You Like".  James called in the exotic sounds of sitar, string ensemble, and kid chorus to complete the new arrangements.  Featured fan-favorites on the Pink Floyd tribute album include, "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here," "Money," and "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)."  Preorder the album now in the band's online store.

Independently released in 2007, the pensive debut album features bilingual lyrics, odd meters, and eclectic instrumentation – from piano to electric mandocello and violin. Adrian James points to early albums by gothic music groups Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Cure as inspiration for the pounding tribal drums and pipe organ. Smooth vocal melodies and touching piano ballads are woven through the symphonic album.  Rising from the material are the singles, "Killing Jar," "Das Gift," "I'll Never Leave" and the piano ballad "Beautiful Womyn."

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Little Rock Live Concerts by Das Gift

Das Gift Concerts Offer Little Rock a Unique Sound

Based in Little RockArkansas, James maintains his trademark melancholy-tinged vocal delivery for live shows, alternating between guitar, bass, keyboard and even drums.   Taran Ware provides the band's signature pounding drum sound.  Sharla Emory performs on sitar, flute and backing vocals.   Robert Dickey appears on bass, guitar and backing vocals.  

The band's string ensemble includes Dwight Denman (cello),  Sharla Emory (sitar, flute), Marcos Ferreira (violin), Jeff Strain (double bass) and Deanna Wood (viola).  Also appearing are the voices of Anita Dickey and the Dickey kids (the children's chorus as seen ds concert).   

With a growing following – especially in the regional community of goth music groups – the band is based in Little Rock, Arkansas and is currently booking.  The show usually features interpretations of the band's musical influences, including the songs of indie and goth music groups the Cure, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

Pink Floyd Cover Album Cast and Crew


"One of the better albums I have heard in some time, and that's no exaggerationWell, WELL worth the wait… Certainly the most earnest and articulate lyrics of what I've seen lately. Highly recommended." - Gothic Beauty Magazine, USA

"Triply more interesting than [Evanescence]… James' voice seeps in like a velvet wind… Surpassed all of my expectations." - Virus! Magazine, Germany

"Listening to this layered, remarkably realized vision, you wouldn't suspect it to be the brainchild of just one person…sounds more like a symphony in several movements than a collection of individual songs… sneaks up on you and ingratiates itself." - Localist Magazine, Arkansas

"The next Pink Floyd… I was transfixed through the entire album… It was at some point in 'I'll Never Leave' that I started to cry. " - Malice Radio, Pennsylvania

"AJ’s vocal delivery can be very emotionally penetrating. Only a really anthracite soul would fail to be touched." -, New York

"Das Gift is a blessing… a great composition of sound, musical structure, and lyrics worthy of a Triple Platinum." - American Gothique, Alaska

"Brings back the roots of Goth with a cathedral rock sound, dark poetic lyrics with a very personal feel, and well-pronounced down tempo beats. "- DJ Infam0us of ReGen Magazine, Maryland

"For a band dressed in all black on a 98-degree day, Das Gift is actually a fun-loving bunch… Das Gift is fighting against the mundane music that populates the FM dial." - Sync Magazine, Arkansas

"Like a darker, goth-tinged version of early Peter Gabriel, progressive but catchy enough to attract a broad range of fans… melancholy and emotive enough for goths but conceptual enough to appeal to progressive rock and pop fans, as well." - Grave Concerns, New York